Mid-Season Garden Update

fist ripening Avamato
Eggplant aplenty! That pretty well summarizes the state of the garden. This, of course, was the intent behind planting so many. It also means we will be able to experiment beyond variations of our eggplant bites

We continue to fortify against deer intrusion and we hope the latest efforts are finally sufficient. The deer will have a very long winter if they stay in the area and deplete what has historically been a winter safe haven and foraging area. 

The irrigation system seems to be working, after narrowly and luckily catching another catastrophic failure. The latest could have flooded the crawl space under the house if we hadn’t found the break. That would not have been fun. 

If you recall, we were force to buy replacement cucumbers, winter squash, and cantaloupe. I am happy to report these are maturing nicely and are all producing. We have even picked two early cucumbers. 
first cucumber

Although I expect a reduced tomato harvest this year because of plants dying and deer predation, most that are left are doing well and we have a good amount of numerous varieties already forming and ripening. Only one little Avamato is actually turning red so far so I think some of the many cherry tomatoes have to be getting close. 

early Lunch Box PepperA new-for-us crop this year is lunch box peppers. The plants are growing from seeds from a friend. Although the plants are still small, they have started producing peppers. Depending on how they grow they may replace the Cupid peppers we have grown in the past.

I think it will be another few weeks before we start getting meaningful harvest of things other than eggplant. Until then we will enjoy the bounty we have. 


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