Cherries and More

I have been derelict of responsibility to post what is happening for far too long and for that I am sorry.Washed Cherries

The garden is mostly planted but it got a late start this summer and is off to a slow beginning. Our cool mountain weather is about to change in a not so good way – getting very hot for at least a couple of weeks. This projected heat is preventing me from transplanting the last few plants, two tomatoes, the cucumbers, cantaloupes, and banana squash, into the garden. It has been something like this for the last month, although, a month ago I delayed planting into the garden because it was still too cold.

This atypical weather resulted in a few transplanting causalities, namely, tomatoes that were most unhappy with the process. Luckily, we still have quite a few tomato plants that are growing well so there should be an ample crop in a couple of months. The deer did manage to trim a few tomatoes but they seem to be bouncing back.Ripe Cherries on Tree

The big surprise Memorial Day weekend was ripe cherries. We harvested a record crop for us that weekend and the next, resulting in about 36 pounds. Some of the cherries were pitted and frozen, some were dried (very disappointing and I now have a greater appreciation for dried fruit), and some were turned into cherry bounce – you knew a liquor would find its way in here somewhere.

Hopefully the looming heat won’t overly set-back the garden and summer harvests.


One thought on “Cherries and More

  1. Bert Reisman

    Been wondering what you’ve been up to……but the cherry bounce makes the wait worthwhile. Hope the ultra heat wave doesn’t do too much damage.

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