Spring has Sprung

rose entry

A rose archway is an inviting way to enter the garden. Although it is still spring and none of the seedlings have been transplanted, the garden still welcomes you in to explore, to find hidden treasures, to marvel at the colors of nature.collage of garden flowers

A year ago I was wondering if the seedlings for the garden would survive the stifling heat. This year I was afraid of a late season frost. I am not sure if the frost hit, but what could be protected was protected. The cloth we used should also protect the apples from pesty deer. That will all change in a couple of weeks when the great migration commences.

Early Radishes

A number of years ago we would get great radish harvests. We grow Easter Egg radishes and we will find hues of pink, purple, and white radishes. At least we did until radish production effectively stopped for us two years ago. We never did really figure out why we could no longer grow radishes, but, after two unsuccessful years, we moved on. The radishes had different plans. When I went to check on the onions, which are growing very well, I found a host of the best radishes we have grown for years. That would be surprising enough had I actually planted radishes; however, I had not. We even turned the soil over a few times in preparation for planting the onions and beets. Anyway, the radishes were a nice surprise. We will just have to wait and see if the ones I planted over the weekend decide to grow.

green apple

Growing fruit in our garden is a questionable proposition. The area is prone to late frosts that typically kill the blossoms, resulting in no fruit that year, whether from our apple, pear, or cherry trees. This year we have not had a frost in a long time (hopefully the predicted near frost temperatures did not materialize earlier in the week).unripe cherries on tree This has resulted in a record number of apples on the trees, including one that typically never produces apples (but that is a whole different story and founded in the previous owner’s inability to properly plant anything).

The seedlings at my house are mostly doing fine. The one exception are cucumbers, I am not sure what happened. I have planted new seeds so hopefully they will do well. Before I know it we will be harvesting some of the many eggplant already starting to grow. Then hopefully beets then tomatoes. The carrot seeds have not really taken off that I planted in the garden so hopefully they will start soon.


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