End of the 2016 Season

fall garden harvest

Well, it’s about that time of year when the garden is caput. The weather continues to be ok (meaning no frosts yet) but production is way down and many of the plants are spent. There are still a number of peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and tomatillos to ripen. We’ll see how many are ripe before the end of the season.

The biggest issue lately has been deer. They have done their best to eat their way through the garden, including plants I didn’t think they would like, for example, rhubarb. They ate the tops off the beets so we decided it was time to harvest the last of them. We ended up with about 5 pounds. This was made up of a lot of fairly small beets. Now I just have to figure out how to grow them larger. One thing we are thinking of doing is trying new area for them and letting where they are rest for the year. We harvested a bunch of carrots this weekend too. Surprisingly, the deer did not eat the tops of the carrots.

garden grown carrots

I think the deer’s favorite snack was the tops of the sweet potatoes. Although we had great growth above the ground, at least until they were munched, we only found one or two finger-sized potatoes. I’m sorry to say that means the end of sweet potato growing for us. The kale was a close second favorite of the deer. It is now covered with netting. Luckily, only the leaves were eaten and left the stems so it should grow back.

Now that we have all of these fresh crunchy carrots I have to find something fun to do with them. I guess that will be this week and next week’s project.


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