Let the Fun Begin

bowl of fresh picked vegetables
It’s about that time of year the last eight months have been building to – weekly harvests. This past weekend we were able to start what should be weekly harvests of various produce. This is always an exciting time in the garden. It is also coinciding with the start of monsoon rains. The weather report shows we have had about 2″ of rain this week. I know for some of you that is an average week. For us in the desert it brings not only a bit of rain, but cooler temperatures, an always welcome occurrence.

Thanks to help from my two favorite helpers this last March we harvested almost 2 pounds of beets. This too is welcome as we have not harvested many beets the last couple of years. The equally good news is that this was just a thinning of the larger beets and we have lots still growing.

ripening tomatoes

The peppers are really starting to get going and there are lots on the plants. I thought I had reduced the number of Shishito peppers enough so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed, but that is not the case. I guess we will have to step-up our consumption. We also have a bumper crop of Aleppo peppers ripening. I am saving the seeds so hopefully they are stabilized and the pepper we get will be close to what we have now. I have a few I just planted so I should know before next summer.

The tomatoes are also growing gangbusters – our Lady’s in Waiting as I refer to them. Most of our preserved tomato supply, whether canned or frozen, is dwindling so this is just in time. Other than the plants being a bit shorter than expected there is hardly any evidence the deer munched them a couple of months ago.


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