Deer Alert

Tops of tomato plants eaten by deer

The enemy has escalated their attacks, preferring early morning raids. So far no shots have been fired, but, I don’t rule that out in the future. The attacks have prompted us to step-up our defensive posture. Last weekend was spent positioning additional barriers around and over the garden. I also figured out why the camera wasn’t working and repositioned that to see if the deer make it into the garden this week. 

In the past the pesky deer have moved to other ground by this time of year. That has not happened yet. The deer ate the top off 60% of the tomatoes and one more of the tomatillos. Because the tomatoes are being grown in the garden and not a greenhouse, I leave the “sucker” shoots on the plants for extra production and protection from the intense sunlight. 

I won’t be able to see if our increased defenses were successful for a few days. We ran a lot of barriers so I am fairly optimistic. That combined with the start of monsoon rains should allow the munched plants to recover quickly. 

Ripening Sarit gat peppers

One of the Sarit Gat peppers was ripe so I gave it a taste. The first bite was fairly fruity and mellow. The second bite, however, was quite hot, though still fruity. These plants are showing they will be very productive, so I will have to try them in a batch of hot sauce. 

growing tomatillo plants

Have a good holiday. 


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