tomatoes growing on the vine

I had planned on doing a post on drying and tasting an Aleppo pepper and planting a couple of seeds. That post will be postponed due to thievery. As near as I can determine, a small, flighty thief found my Aleppo pepper while I was letting it dry outside during our record heat, and absconded with with the pepper. Can you believe that! Finding nothing after looking around my yard to at least recover a few seeds, I accepted reality and resolved not to dry anything else outside that isn’t covered. Lesson learned. Birds, Beware!

My Aleppo was not the only thing stolen from the garden. We have something systematically eating the tomatillos. Whatever is eating the tomatillos is eating them neatly, going down the row, one each night. We now have a motion camera pointed at the tomatillos to try to identify the culprit. I also covered the plants with netting, hoping that our predator is not small enough to just walk under the elaborate protection.

Sarit Gat pepper turning yellow

We had record heat over the weekend – not something we look forward to this time of year seeing as it is already too hot. Severe weather at the garden is always a bit nerve wracking because I’m not actually at the garden during the week. Hopefully the increased watering will be enough to keep the plants alive and somewhat happy. Hopefully the heat will drive the deer to higher ground. Actually, I don’t care if they go to higher ground, as long as it is different ground.

In the meantime, we have a record number of tomatoes on the plants for this time of year. The peppers continue to thrive, and there are even some eggplants busy ripening. Although I doubt many tomatoes or peppers set during the heat, the ones already on the plants seem to be doing well. With a bit of luck we will be trying our first Sunrise Bumble Bee tomato and sarit gat pepper this coming weekend.

Now, if only I could remember to do this year’s harvest log so I can keep track of what we harvest. So far we have harvested some kale, radishes, beets, onions, and a few different peppers.


2 thoughts on “Thief!

  1. Larry Middendorf


    I had the same problem, but not sure on who is thief. I lost 5 pepper plants, and Jan lost several flowers. The plants are completely gone to the ground. All happened over night. I’m guessing it may be a chipmunk or rabbit. I sprayed the remaining plants with,” Deer be gone” So far no more losses.

    Hope you have a great year!

    Wine making plans, this fall?

    1. Good to hear from you. I suspect deer are the culprit for the tomatillos. We don’t have much of an issue with rabbits. A chipmunk or squirrel could be the problem, but I really hope not. We might need to try Deer be Gone. We are thinking about making wine this fall, a smaller amount than in the past. We have looked a little into Arizona grapes.

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