The Aleppos are Coming

ripening Aleppo pepper

The plants continue their onward march to full-production. Even the tomatillos that looked very unhappy when I planted them seem to be doing fine, if a bit small. What surprised me the other day while walking around the garden was a crinkley reddish pepper. At first glance I thought it was a Cupid pepper going bad, so I picked it. Turns out I was wrong; it was a ripening Aleppo pepper. Once I realized it was not going bad, I had to save it and give it a taste.

I know the pepper wasn’t fully ripe so I expect the flavor to change a bit. As it was, it had a quick, front of the tongue heat not quite as hot as a jalepeno that quickly went away. I am not aware of any of my other peppers doing that. It also had a surprising amount of a bell pepper taste. Some of the cumin and earthiness was there. It is quite thin walled, which will make for easier drying and grinding.

With any luck this is just the start of the produce. As for the Aleppos, next step is letting more ripen, then seeding them, so I can save the seeds to determine how stabilized they are, then drying and grinding. If the plants survive the predicted heat this coming week we should be in good shape with an early harvest of most everything.


4 thoughts on “The Aleppos are Coming

  1. Bert Reisman

    Aleppos are coming at a very opportune time….it will be hotter outside them than inside them. You can use them to cool down from the torrid temps. Typical Peterson planning. Bert

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