just emerged lima bean

The garden is planted! Unlike Toad, I know it takes time for the seeds to grow. And maybe, a bit of luck. Fear not, Toad did get his seeds to grow, it just took some patience.

Toad put his head very close to the ground and shouted, “NOW SEEDS, START GROWING!”

“The Garden” by Arnold Lobel


One of the hazards of having the garden a ways away from my house and in a different climatic zone is transplant shock. The plants go from my house where it is getting hot by the time they are moved, to the garden where it is maybe 15 – 18 degrees cooler, with no one looking after them between visits. In the past the plants have weathered this fairly well. This year though, the plants took the move very hard. I think this was compounded by the amount of sunlight the plants were thrust into; they had been under a patio at my house to protect them from the afternoon sun. The plants got scorched, dropped their blossoms, and didn’t look good at all. On top of that, I think ants were eating the leaves of many of the plants, especially the eggplants. Luckily, that is starting to change. There is fruit on most of the peppers and many of the eggplant and tomato plants and the new growth is a healthy green.

immature bumblebee tomato

I also had a number of plants die, mostly cucumbers and sweet potatoes. The cucumbers have been replaced and the sweat potatoes will have to make do. We planted a lot more sweet potato slips this spring, so we should still be ahead of years past.

tomato just starting

Now, I get to monitor the garden and wait, the infernal waiting, for produce to be ready.


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