An Unexpected Start


Before starting a garden I did not pay much attention to the weather, at least not since moving to Arizona. Now that I do garden, I pay a lot of attention to forecasts, and this time of year, the extended forecast. In the past I have planned on transporting the plants I start to the garden around the end of May. Up until then, there is the off-chance of frost. Well, this year, the extended forecast showed fairly mild weather until the end of the month. Lucky me.

Lucky because most of the tomatoes were quickly growing larger than I can easily transport; the garden is about 1.5 hours from my house. As it was, the tallest tomatoes were about 5″ taller than there is headroom in the car, but, that is withing the range of being able to gently bend the tops over for the ride. The three week jump on planting will also allow the tomatoes to settle into their new digs before the high temperatures in June. Because most of the tomatoes already have blossoms, I should be able to get an early harvest.

boxed tomatoes

We will be planting the rest of the plants over the next few weekends. The staggered planting plan also makes each weekend fairly easy. It also allows me to pick the early shishito peppers before summer really begins. This weekend I will be moving the rest of the tomatoes and some of the eggplant or peppers up. It is starting to feel like summer.


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