Intruder Alert!

Bunny in the garden

This past weekend we had an unexpected visitor in the garden. We have seen rabbits in the area, but, we thought we had taken steps to keep them out of the garden. Apparently we missed a step or two. This is the second time this year we have seen a little bunny running through the garden. The first time we could watch where the bunny ran through the fence. We then closed up that little hole. We thought we had closed the only easy opening.

While looking at some of the tomato plants last weekend we saw a little bunny hopping through another part of the garden. We decided to go see if there was another hole in the fence. After looking around a bit, we didn’t see a hole, but, we did see the bunny. The little guy had gotten stuck in the fence. I tried to pull him out, but he just yelped. Mommy bunny was right there, on the other side of the fence, wondering what we were doing. At that time we got a wire cutter and carefully cut the fence. The little guy darted off. He was still in the garden so we watched where he ran to find the access point. He didn’t find a hole so we assume he got into the garden when he was very little and has been in there a while. Because he couldn’t find his way out we had to corner him again, catch him, and put him over the fence. Once I got him I realized they are very wiggly. He is now over the fence playing in the neighbor’s yard (at least we hope he is still on that side of the fence).

American Lady Butterfly on a flower

We also had a friendly American Lady butterfly that let me get close for some photos and video. We have a variety of flowers planted to attract various pollinators, humming birds, and butterflies. Looks like it is working.

mystery pumpkin

The mystery cucumber is not a cucumber after all. This is creating a further mystery: Did I incorrectly label some of the pumpkins or gourd starts, did I totally confuse a squash or pumpkin seed for a cucumber seed, even though they look nothing alike, or, did the mystery plant start with a seed that looks like a cucumber seed? The leaf looks nothing like the other pumpkin seeds I started this year and all of the cucumber seeds were from the same package. Only time will tell me what the mystery plant is. For now it is taking over the trellis it is growing up. Hopefully the plant is not a giant pumpkin because I am not sure the trellis would be up to the task.

Have a happy 4th of July everyone.


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