Summer’s Here

Bird on Bird Bath

Our long cool spring is over but summer doesn’t officially start for a week. However, the crushing heat that has thankfully stayed away through spring showed up this week. This has been the best spring weather I remember having since I moved back to Arizona and started the garden. We actually had cool, cloudy weather with an occasional rain. In fact, the rain we had in June was the first measurable rain the Valley has had during the first two weeks of June since 1993. It was glorious. The plants were gifted three weeks to settle in and hopefully stretch their roots. I was gifted extra evenings having dinner outside and getting a stiff neck from looking up at the sky scanning for satellites to pass over (and many did).

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Well, that’s over and summer is here. Luckily, it is cooler at the garden than my house, which is why the summer garden is there. Unlike years past, we have baby tomatoes already on non-cherry varietals. Cucumbers are growing, and we are already harvesting peppers and an eggplant. Hopefully this heat will help the plants grow, even if it is too hot much of the day to set fruit.


Our unknown garden pest ate most of the gourds I had planted a couple of weeks ago. I thought they were big enough to have a chance, but, I guess I rushed things. The cucumbers are growing well enough to have displayed a mystery: The seeds are all from the same package, but, the blossoms and leaves are different. Hopefully the mystery blossoms are a type of cucumber. Now, though, I won’t know which, if either, is the variety I ordered and which is an unknown hybrid.

Tomatillo Plants in the Garden

Now, I wait. The garden grows. Anticipation builds. And I hope I turned the water up enough.


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