Garden Planted!

mild peppers in the garden

My conundrum was resolved late last week with the predicted weather. While it was still cooler in the mornings than I would prefer, the forecast showed a definite warming trend. Because of that and it being a long weekend, I decided to plant most of the garden. I left some of the smaller tomatoes (which really aren’t that small) and excess peppers and tomatillos at home to have in reserve and to see how much space would be left in the garden. I am hoping the cooler, overcast weather provides advantageous conditions for the plants to get acclimated to their new surroundings.

eggplants before and after

Because of success with the seedlings and because I started too many plants, I now have to pick and choose which plants to bring to the garden to fill in the remaining space. We have a lot of peppers so I doubt they will be moved up, at least those not the hot peppers I have from last year. I will have to decide which tomatoes to bring. Because most of them have blossoms, that will be a hard choice. The tomatillos will stay at home for now in reserve; we had a number of them die last year after planting. Because we use so many tomatillos, I am hopeful we get a good harvest this year.

tomatillos before and after

It is always amazing how the plants go from filling my yard to transforming the garden from dirt to garden. here are a few before and after shots.

plants in my yard

main garden


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