Beet it on Down the Line

Black Cherry Tomato blossoms
It’s hard to believe it is almost summer – defined as: “The time of year when the plants sensitive to cold weather are transplanted into the garden.” The frost sensitive plants are still in my yard where it is nice and warm, and, were treated to some rain (an unusual occurrence this time of year by me) the other night. The non-frost sensitive plants in the garden are growing great, with some new additions over the weekend. In fact, the rhubarb is larger this year than it has ever been.

Cupid Peppers

Over the years I have researched how “best” to grow certain plants. Much of this information has not worked for me. I have tried the recommended seed starting soil mixes and they were near disastrous. I have also read that beets should be started as soon as the soil can be worked. Maybe that works in areas that have very small intraday temperature swings and consistent temperatures from day-to-day. I have tried that advice the last few years, along with thinning the seedlings, to try to maximize our harvest. Those years I have had hardly any beets reach harvest size. I think some of that is that the garden experiences wide intraday temperature swings (30+ degrees) and that it can be 75 this week and next, then 20 the following week. I can work the soil almost all year. The years I did have great beet harvests are the years I scattered the beet seeds in their area, didn’t thin them out, except by harvest, and when I planted them in late spring. This past weekend I scattered the beet seeds in their allotted area. I will decide whether to thin them out in the coming month or so. the last couple of years of mediocre beet harvests have been disappointing, so, hopefully that will not be repeated.

Thai Hot Peppers

Another part of the garden that was started were a few of the flower pots. We are changing these up somewhat from past years to try to add more color. As long as we don’t get a killing frost these should just roll along through fall and in the mean time are providing a bit of food for the bees and hummingbirds.

I will be moving the sensitive plants that are currently in my yard up to the garden in three weeks. Now my hope is that it does not get too hot at my house. The peppers have not been happy the few days we have already had that have been at or near 100 degrees. Based on the number of peppers and eggplants already on the plants, and the blossoming of the tomatoes, I am hoping for a great garden year.


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