The Promise of Blossoms

cherry blossoms
Cherry Blossoms by Jake

It’s that time of year when fruit trees and plants are full of promise. Blossoms are turning to fruit, creating the promise of delicious homegrown produce. That also means that we typically get a frost that kills the blossoms and that eliminates that promise. The past few weeks have had the apple and cherry trees at the garden in full bloom. That creates hope that we will avoid that late season frost and we will actually get some of the promise blossoms create. We narrowly avoided one frost last week; but, another potential frost is due this week. The cherry blossoms have largely turned to baby cherries so maybe that will buy us a few degrees. It has been at least three years since a decent cherry harvest.

rhubarb plants

One plant that loves this cool weather up at the garden is the rhubarb. The rhubarb has grown tremendously over the past few weeks. So much so that we harvested the first stalks for the season last weekend. You can barely tell any was harvested. Being the first of the season, and not really knowing a higher use for fresh rhubarb than a crisp, it of course became a crisp over the weekend. We mixed in some blueberries and cherries, and, wow, what a nice spring treat. I thought I had the recipe we use for rhubarb crisps on here, but I guess not. I’ll have to get that up here the next time we make one. If I was a more of an overachiever and ambitious, I might make some homemade ginger and vanilla ice cream to go with it.

Baby Celeste Fig

Orient Express Eggplant BlossomIn a different garden, one that never experiences frost this time of year, the one year old Celeste fig tree in my yard is going strong. A month or so ago I researched when I could expect figs to be produced. The information I found from seemingly reliable sources said that figs aren’t produced on a new tree until it is three or four years old. It further said that fruit is produced on last year’s wood. Well, I guess sometimes the internet is wrong (except this blog of course). I have lots of baby figs forming on new wood. Of course, last year I found that Celeste fig trees only grow about 18 inches per year. Mine has grown almost four feet and is still growing, and I did not get it until about the beginning of June last year as an 8 inch cutting.


Also in the southern garden, where the plants for the primary garden are busy growing in pots, the pepper and eggplant plants are in full bloom. I have not noticed a baby eggplant forming yet, but I do have lots of peppers starting – Thai hot chilies, Carmen peppers, Shishito peppers, cupid peppers, and Serrano peppers.

Small Carmen Pepper

I think the season is starting early this year. As long as the really hot weather holds off until I can move the plants north to cooler temperatures, it should continue for months to come.


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