And the Race is On

It’s hard to believe it is already spring. I’m actually late on that for the garden, but close enough. Last weekend was the weekend we launched the 2015 garden. My helpers were down for a visit during spring break so we took the opportunity to plant the dinosaur kale and the onions and leeks.

Last year we purchased two different varieties of onions from the local garden center. Wanting a larger selection and leeks, I ordered sets of Texas Sweet, Texas Early White, and Red Creole onions, and Lancelot Leeks. In total, that comes to over 150 – 175 onions and leeks. That number is on top of the onions we planted last fall to see what would happen. Luckily, the leeks can stay in the ground until late next fall. I am not sure how we will use that many onions yet. Maybe a lot of onion soup will be in the making.

Newly Planted Onions

The other crop we planted was the kale. I started the plants last fall intending to plant them at my house. When that didn’t materialize, I figured I would wait a bit and just plant them in the garden. I am sure the kale will be big enough to harvest a little next time I am at the garden. For now, I have to hope the netting I put over the top will protect the plants from the local deer population, which seems to grow every year.


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