A Miscalculation


Gardening is about making educated guesses and hoping for the best. What plant will grow, how big will it get, how far can I push the limits. One of the miscalculations I made this year was how big some of our gourds would get. I had a few issues with plants starting so I just stuck some in erroneously thinking they wouldn’t get that large. Well, the swan gourds, both the gourds and the vines, like where I stuck them and they are growing like crazy.

For the past couple of years we have grown the gourds at the base of some Manzanita trees. The vines would grow up the trees and through the branches. This resulted in a more efficient use of space and looked nice. That method works great with moderate sized gourds. The swan gourds, and one in particular, are far larger than anticipated. The weight of the gourds are pulling the vines out of the trees. I don’t even want to think about one of them falling on my head. Or toe. OUCH!

The other issue is that by having gravity work for, maybe against, me, the necks of the gourds are straight. That is fine for the dipper gourds growing next to the swan gourds, but not so great for the swan gourds. Now I have to find a new place to grow the swan gourds next year. I also have to find a new place to grow the tomatoes because the plants this year are, I think, being hit by a blight. That is a whole other story though.


3 thoughts on “A Miscalculation

  1. mtngardener1585

    Need to find some good ideas for painting them. Maybe the Swan gourds in the tree will bend their necks more but even the long necks are mighty interesting and fun to watch grow.

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