Lush Green

One of the color families you get used to not seeing in the desert is lush green. Sure, there is a lot of green around, but nothing lush or deep green. Everything seems to have a tan filter. This is not overly surprising given that I have had about 1/4 inch of rain since last fall. This is in stark contrast to the garden this year.

So far the garden has reportedly received over 9 inches of rain this year. Two weekends ago we received almost 4 inches of rain in just one day. All this extra water, combined with more moderate temperatures, has resulted in the garden being a color green I have not seen in a while. The plants look healthy and full. They are full of fruit and vegetables. I can see the error of my ways in planting the plants too close together. Although we have not started harvesting large quantities of anything other than serrano and Shishito peppers and kale, I expect big harvests in a couple of weeks as tomatoes and peppers ripen.

Until the large harvests begin, I just have to enjoy seeing deep green again.


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