Watching and Waiting, and More Waiting

It’s that time of year when the majority of work in the garden is comprised of waiting. Then more waiting. The garden is planted. I can watch the plants grow, the blossoms turn to fruit and vegetables, and, ever so slowly, things ripen. Some of the early vegetables share a glimpse of what is to come, others are more guarded and secretive. Some of the plants were started in February, which makes for a long wait. As long as the weather holds, the irrigation keeps working, and we don’t have a problem with deer or insects, the garden should continue to come into its own and show me what its got. If I’m observant the garden will teach me what I did right and wrong so I can show it what I’ve got next year.

The cherry tomatoes are always the first to ripen. So far we have picked one Fox Cherry tomato. We have a lot of tomatoes on the vines and the vines look healthy. We even have a mystery tomato plant that is starting to look like a paste tomato. If it is a paste tomato and if we get a bumper harvest, I just might have to try making a fermented tomato paste. I have tasted one made by someone else and the flavor was so much deeper than typical store-bought paste that they are almost incomparable.

Over the past week the tomatillos have started forming their lanterns and inside little tomatillos. These will eventually be used in our salsa verde and Colorado Green Chile Pork.

One of the serrano chile peppers I overwintered is quite large and setting lots of fruit. I think we will have an ample serrano supply this summer between that plant and the others in the garden. For now the chilies are small and look like ornaments decorating a tree.

The Shishito peppers at the top, which seem very abundant on our two plants, were simply roasted until charred in a hot pan with a little oil than sprinkled with sea salt.

As I sit and wait, the insects are busy enjoying the the flowers and blossoms. Over the past few years we have made an effort to grow more flowers for bees and butterflies. That effort seems to be working.



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