Let it Rain

The rains have started up by the garden. This was one of the longest dry stretches we have had, lasting about 68 days. Luckily, we did not have the crazy hot weather we had last year. Because of better temperatures, the garden looks much healthier this year – it is greener, fruit has set, and we had fewer plants die. Being a recently converted optimist, I have high hopes for our eventual harvests.

A lot of the tomato plants have tomatoes on them. As usual, the Avamatoes are growing out of control and volunteering additional plants all around the garden. I gave up trying to cage or stake the Avamatoes as that just made harvesting the tiny tomatoes harder. What is scary is we have more blossoms at this time of year than I remember having in the past. The big tomato varieties are slower for now, but I expect that to change.

We are experimenting with three new-to-us sweet pepper varieties: Shishito, Cupid, and Carmen. So far they are all growing great and we have had quite a few Shishito peppers to eat.

The blackberry plant decided to put more energy into growing fruit than last year. Last year we had very long vines and little fruit – not really what we were after. This year is just the opposite. It is also the first year we have had raspberries from that vine.


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