Enchilada Sauce

One of the things that has happened since going gluten-free is that I find gluten in the oddest places. One of those places is pre-made enchilada sauce, whether at the store or in a restaurant. One of the local stores recently had bags of dried New Mexican chilies and that proved too tempting to pass up.

Enchilada sauce is one of those foods that you wonder why you ever bought it instead of making your own. We made a large batch in a relatively short time and other than cleaning the chilies did not involve a lot of active time. Although I have a few bags of chilies we grew and dried, I forgot to bring them with me so they will have to be used for the next batch. We did manage to use oregano we grew and dried this past summer.

So far we have not used the enchilada sauce for enchiladas. The primary reason for making it when we did was for red roasted pork tamales. I forgot to measure anything or take photos while making the tamales so that recipe will have to wait. I did remember to taste the finished product and it was well worth the effort, both sauce and tamales. The extra sauce is now waiting in the freezer. It may even make it into enchiladas yet.


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