When you live an hour and a half away from the garden, timing can sometime be an issue. Sometimes things aren’t quite ripe when I leave but I know they will be over-ripe when I return and I miss a lot of how the plants are growing. The benefit is, when I return to the garden after five days or so I can really see changes and the first thing done upon arriving at the garden is take a tour to discover those changes.

Every now and then timing works out. This past weekend one of the peppers decided to ripen. The photo shows how fast one of the ghost peppers went from mostly green to a glowing orange.

Last year our squash and gourds had mostly male blossoms and produced very long vines with few squash. This year they seem to have an abundance of female blossoms and they have been setting fruit all over the vines. The bees and other buzzing insects have been very busy. One of the gourd vines had numerous gourds in different stages of growth so we can see what is coming.

Gardens can be a great place to explore. Go see what there is and see how it all changes from day-to-day.


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