The Garden Through Ava’s Eyes

If only one of the kids was going to be by my side in the garden the last couple of summers it was likely Ava. At times when we were just walking through the garden she would ask that I quiz her on the names of the various plants; how’s that for interest in the garden. Avamatoes are of course named for Ava. She came up with that name because her little fingers are just the right size to pick the tiny tomatoes. Although she loves picking Avamatoes, she loves picking anything and everything in the garden. Every time we are digging a hole and find a worm we have to stop and play with the worm. We also have to move the worm to the compost pile. I think she just likes being in the garden with someone, especially looking at the flowers.

I started her with an old point and shoot camera because her hands are so little. This worked great until I realized it decided not to cooperate and only focused some of the time. This then necessitated that she use the big dslr. This created the further challenge of her trying to grasp the camera, hold it steady, work the zoom, and press the button to take the picture. After we walked around taking pictures for a while she gave the camera back to me. A minute later she said “just one more.” This went on for a number of “just one mores.” Then they spied a fearless lizard. There are lots of photos of that fearless lizard.

It was the same basic deal with Ava as it was for Jake. I set the camera to basic settings, showed her how to use it, and helped when I could. The photo of Ava above is by Jake.

Thanks for the photos Ava.


4 thoughts on “The Garden Through Ava’s Eyes

  1. Bert

    Another wonderful post. So now it’s clear you have an engineer AND an artist helping with your garden You are one great uncle.

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