The Garden Through Jake’s Eyes

For the past few summers I have spent a lot of time in the garden with my young niece and nephew. Jake is particularly fond of digging holes and creating rivers. He is also quiet good at helping me with the irrigation system. Although he isn’t quite strong enough to push all of the parts together, he does generally know how the parts go together and could, if he had to, most likely direct someone stronger to piece something together.

A quick animated gif
click on the picture if it doesn’t animate

Most of our time together in the garden the last couple of summers has been driven by my agenda – did we need to plant something, harvest something, trim something, or fix the irrigation. I could always count on at least one of the kids being right at my side ready to help as they could. This past weekend I thought it would be fun to let the kids walk around with a camera and take pictures. It may be the closest I can get to seeing what is interesting to them. Little did I know when I started this that between the two of them they would completely fill-up the memory card in the camera.

Today we have some of the photos Jake took. I generally set-up the camera (a dslr), explained how the zoom works, then just walked around with him to help as I could. We talked about trying to capture motion in different ways (the only thing better to Jake than fast motion might be the immediate cessation of motion, as in spectacular crashes) and starting to look at things differently for a photo. The pictures are no more edited than I do for those I take. I will post a “The Garden Through Ava’s Eyes” later in the week. Because of the huge number of photos they took this might take longer than expected. That is also the reason the photos are in a collage. I didn’t want a post that went on for days.


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