All Settled In

Blackberry Blossom

The last few weekends have been busy transplanting the tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, squash, and everything else. Everything but the peppers were showing various degrees of heat stress from being at my house. The tomatoes were the most stressed and some were very stressed. On top of that a number of them got hit by hornworms. The hornworms seem to have abated and the plants seems to be recovering now that they are in the ground in the cooler climate of the garden.

A few of the tomatoes had enough, either from heat stress or the hornworms, and, luckily, an aunt and uncle had a few extra tomatoes we could use to swap out ours that weren’t doing anything productive. We have now added Paul Robson, Mortgage Lifter, Rutgers, and Costoluto Genovese to the mix.


We planted our squash, butternut, delicata, sugar pumpkins and gourds, this past weekend. They perked up from how they look in the photo after a bit of shade and water. We also planted two types of cucumbers we hope will grow up the trellis. We have County Fair, a 6″ – 8″ pickling cuke also good for slicing; and, Cucino, a small 2″ – 3″ variety. The cut-off 2-litre bottles are mostly for predator control. Last year something ate all of our small squash plants. Although our intention is to just eat them, if by some chance we get a bumper crop we can pickle either variety.

One of the things we are trying this year is using pine needles as mulch. While weeds generally aren’t an issue, maintaining moisture levels can be. Since we have a near unlimited supply of the pine needles we decided to give them a try.

Everything seems to be recovering from the move to the garden. While I expect a number of the plants to be delayed a couple of weeks I think they will eventually catch-up nicely.


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