Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone from Smoketree Cellars!

I have been busy making candy the past week or so. Most of the varieties this year involve caramel in some form. The chewy caramel with chocolate has a bit of the hot pepper powder I made so a few pieces might pack an unexpected punch. The chewy caramel without chocolate was sprinkled with a tri-salt mixture of Hawaiian pink and black salts and an alder smoked salt from the Pacific Northwest. I’ll get a post or two about making the candy up after the first of the year.

It was a busy year by the garden and we have even more planned for next year. Although I have not cataloged the seeds on hand, that task moves higher on my to-do list everyday. We are expanding the garden some and hope to be able to add both more plants and more variety. That should mean more recipes this summer and fall.

By the end of January or early February the tomatoes, tomatillos,  peppers and maybe a few other plants will be underway. Soon after that I plan on experimenting with grafting the heirloom tomatoes to, hopefully, have a larger harvest and healthier plants.

Be well and have a fun holiday season.



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