Pop. Pop! POP! POP POP!! Popcorn

Popcorn, that favorite snack of young and old. A movie time necessity. Its time has come, at least in our little garden. This is the second year we have grown popcorn. Last year it was mostly a novelty for the kids and something they would actually eat from the garden. This year I put more thought into how to actually grown popcorn. I read that corn, including popcorn, is wind-pollinated and that we would get more production per stalk if we planted our popcorn at least four rows deep. So, this spring I cleared a little more space in the garden and planted extra rows. We got both bigger ears of popcorn and more of them per stalk.

The popcorn dried on the stalks for a couple of weeks but this past weekend the stalks and ears looked dry so I decided to harvest most of it before the birds found it and had a bit of a feast. I am letting most of the popcorn I harvested dry inside so it stores and pops nice. This is one of the crops the kids like to watch grow, because it grows so quickly, and eat. I don’t think I had any of it last year because they ate it all.

Although I grew a variegated variety that looks like decorative Indian corn, it pops white. Too bad. It would be very interesting if the popped kernels were the color while on the cob.

In a couple of weeks it should be dry and ready to store. I can then grab a cob out of the cabinet and  put it in a paper bag, stick it in the microwave for a few minutes, and it pops right off the cob. Then I can just add salt and butter, and sit back and enjoy.


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