Let’s Salsa!

Tomatillos, hot peppers, onions, garlic, and cilantro. Fairly basic ingredients that when combined produce a roasty green sauce great on all sorts of things, including tortillas with cheese and tacos. But, don’t let those two options limit your imagination on how to use it.

Our tomatillos and hot peppers are really coming in now and it was time to make a big batch of salsa verde. For those that have not tried salsa verde, it is merely salsa made from tomatillos instead of tomatoes.

After gathering a lot of the ingredients from the garden and husking the tomatillos, I roasted them on the burner until they were charred. I roasted the peppers longer to make peeling them easier. If you look close on the photo you can see I was able to sneak one of my habanero peppers into the mix, even though I had previously been told they were not welcome. Now that the fruity goodness of the habanero has been appreciated by all there is no end to where I can use them.

After roasting most of the ingredients I stemmed and seeded the peppers, took the husk off the garlic, and rough chopped everything. After my experience with chopping hot peppers for chutney without gloves, I made sure I had latex gloves on.

Then I simply put part of the batch in the blender and transferred it to a big mixing bowl until it had all been blended. I stirred it some to make sure it was mixed.

I put it in hot sterilized jars just to help it keep longer (it was a much bigger batch than in the recipe). It is being stored in the fridge. Because there is no vinegar it was not acidic enough to be shelf-stable. I will do that version with the next batch or tomatillos.

Eat well.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Salsa!

  1. Nice post! That salsa looks sooo great! I can’t wait to bust into ours!
    FYI, Jake had the Big Jake salsa for dinner last night, breakfast this morning and lunch today…so far. His exact quote was “mom, you know once I have some, I just can’t stop eating it! I just have to keep eating more and more!” Nice job growing those Big Jakes, uncle Mark!

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