Utah Peach and Hot Pepper Chutney

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This past week Utah peaches came in by us. We couldn’t let that go by without making a couple of batches of peach and hot pepper chutney. To change things up a bit we tried one batch with some of our wild mint, some from Maine and some from the side of a seasonal stream in Arizona. Both batches tasted great. Surprisingly, the batch with mint was not all that different that the one without. Maybe we will try one without cilantro to allow the mint to shine through.

Peach and Hot Pepper Chutney

The recipe started out as a peach and jalapeno salsa with pectin. This wasn’t really what we were looking for as it was more of a jam. We now omit the pectin and cook the mixture, minus the fresh herbs and lime zest, for about one hour to one hour and twenty minutes – depending upon the surface area of the pot being used. We also substituted two serrano peppers for two of the jalapeno peppers. They must have been mild peppers because with all of those peppers the chutney was not too hot. We do not alter the sugar or vinegar.

To make taking the skins of the peaches off easier we first put them in boiling water for a little bit then plunge them in ice water. The skins then come off nice and easy.

It was dinner time while we were waiting for the two batches to cook. That also meant it was cocktail time. A nice refreshing gin and tonic tasted good. Dinner was a quick and easy meal of grilled rib-eye steaks with some Montreal Seasonings and a tomato salad. The tomato, one of our deeper red varieties, and the basil were from our garden.

We did water bath process our chutney so it will last a long time. Well, maybe not a long time, I think it will be eaten before too long.

Eat Well and go support your local farmer.


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