Name our Garden Visitor

EDIT: Well, after the entries received, I have decided our resident deer will be named “R. Frederick.”

Happy Tuesday Boys and Girls. It seems our garden visitor is becoming our garden resident. Hopefully more of a garden sentry than a garden free-loader. Since he is moving in, it seems only right that he have a name. What are some ideas for his name?

I can’t offer any grandiose prize, only eternal appreciation and limited fame. Please remember there are little kids on here also.


One thought on “Name our Garden Visitor

  1. So far our entries are:

    1) Bernard
    2) BLUE Since he was spotted in August and there is a blue moon on Friday
    3) “Velvet” I know it isn’t very masculine but with his little velvet antlers that’s what I suggest.
    4) Nibbles
    5) Smokey the Deer
    6) Rosemary Frederic

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