Finally, Tomatoes are Ripening

Our harvesting of onions, beets, and carrots, especially carrots, continues. I decided to try to thin the row of carrots. Although I pulled a lot of carrots out of the ground, you could barely tell by looking at the garden. We have three types of carrots. The squat orange, the purple, and a regular looking orange carrot that is taking its own time in growing. When we first grew carrots I figured they would taste like other carrots I have had. I was wrong. These carrots are so much sweeter than the ones I get at the store they do not compare. Regardless, I think I was a little heavy handed in sowing the seeds this year. Does anyone have a good idea or two on how to use a lot of carrots?

We finally started harvesting tomatoes – the original driver of starting the garden. Of course we picked a cup or two of Avamatoes, but we also started harvesting the Cherokee Purple and Arkansas Marvels. Both are very sweet and low in acid. The largest of each were over a pound. Because we still aren’t getting too many tomatoes, they are easy to use by just eating them. One night we made a chopped caprese salad with basil from our garden. We used one of the Cherokee Purples, one of the Azorean Reds, some Avamatoes, a few Sweet 100 red cherry tomatoes, and a few cherry tomatoes we hybridized a few years ago that are orange and very tasty. The next night we simply sliced the Arkansas Marvel, a red beefsteak with a sunburst of yellow, inside and out, and sprinkled a little fresh cracked Himalayan pink salt over them. Nothing more was needed to make for a great summer treat.

I also harvested a little more rhubarb. Since the last time I harvested  rhubarb the pumpkins and gourds have exploded with growth. That made it quite hard to find a safe place to plant my feet as I moved up the rhubarb row. The rhubarb will eventually be made into rhubarb and blueberry chutney and rhubarb and blueberry crisp (have I mentioned I used to live in Maine and got quite spoiled by abundant blueberries?). We are huge fans of chutneys and a few will be on here as the fall progresses. They are great with chicken and pork as a side, fantastic with crackers and a sharp cheese like sharp cheddar or a triple cream. We also make a peach and Serrano salsa that comes out about the same as a chutney. We are going to try a very small batch  with some of our mint this week to see what we think.

I am saving the tomatillos until I have enough to make salsa. I think that time is growing close.

Happy Eating


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