My Little Helpers

My little helpers had not been by the garden for a long time. In that time the garden has grown and matured. Grown from meager plants to plants with vegetables to pick. Some of those vegetables just right for little hands and fingers. So much to see and do.

There was only so much of the garden they could see the night before, even with flashlights, because they got to the house in the dark. Early the next morning, before breakfast and getting out of pj’s, we were out in the garden. And you know we can’t be in the garden without picking what’s ripe. Lack of containers was a minor consideration; after-all, I had pockets.

At the beginning of summer I put what I thought were the healthiest tomatoes in front for easier picking and staking. The two healthiest Avamatoes went into containers. As luck would have it, the Avamato I planted in back, now squished between other tomatoes and beets, is the one that has grown the most. I don’t think I could stake that plant now if I wanted to. Because there was limited area for happy little feet to stand, and they both have to pick tomatoes at the same time, and because some of the Avamatoes were hidden under branches in the back, we had to improvise a new technique to pick the ripest and most hidden Avamatoes. Well, Ava is still pretty little, so I lifted her up and over everything and she picked those hard to reach tomatoes hidden in the back under branches. A few squished in my pocket, a few between my teeth.

There was no way to stop with just a few tomatoes once we got going. Onions,  carrots and beets had to be found and picked too. You can never have too many carrots, beets, onions, and tomatoes before breakfast. Their mom had to get into the act also. Along with our vegetables I hope we are growing two gardeners that will help tend the soil for years to come.


4 thoughts on “My Little Helpers

  1. Love this post! 🙂 I spoke with Jake’s teacher and I can come in and make salsa with Jake’s class. Jake is very excited about this as it was a highlight of last year and a running family joke because he and a few select friends ate all most of the salsa before the other children could even try it-they simply could not control themselves because it tasted sooo good!

    1. I think we are getting close to having enough tomatoes and tomatillos (if you can talk him into trying them) to make salsa. It will be awhile yet before the Big Jakes are ripe, but others are getting close. The peppers are getting close if he wants to spice things up.

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