A Garden Visitor


This past weekend I was out checking on the garden and weaving some of the blackberry vines along the fence. One of our blackberry vines has really started to grow this year, probably because I finally added an irrigation dripper to it for the first time. It was growing all over the place, except where I want it to grow along the fence.

As I was walking along the garden path I heard a rustling on the other side so I looked up to see what it was. Turns out it was a young buck with velvet still on his antlers. He was just moseying along looking at me look at him and taking pictures while he grabbed a quick bite to eat. All this happened within about 10 feet of the garden, which makes me a bit nervous now that our crop is finally getting ripe.

We know we have deer in the area but I thought we had another month or two before they come down out of higher ground. I guess this one wanted to get a jump on things.

I looked up a few plants that deter deer and was pleasantly surprised to learn we already have a number of them growing around the garden. Plants like hot peppers, Russian Sage, rosemary, lavender, horseradish, mint and lemon balm all apparently deter deer. And as luck would have it, we have them all around the garden. I also read that deer do not like mature tomatoes and squash because of how fuzzy they are. Ours are all getting big and are quite fuzzy. We also just planted a native Arizona flowering bush that apparently deters deer and that the bees like. I know the bees like the bush because as soon as the plant was in the ground bees were all around. Hopefully deer do not.

Here’s to hoping our recent garden visitor is content with looking at the garden and not viewing it as an open buffet.


4 thoughts on “A Garden Visitor

  1. Kim

    That’s the deer that I saw! Great entry! Like I said, just surround the perimeter with ghost peppers and that should keep just about everyone out!

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