Chili Meditation

Some things take effort but not much thinking. Just standing there checking on them occasionally. This gives time to let the mind wander to various wonders. Roasting chilies fresh from the farmers’ market is just such an event. But they are oh so good when they are done.

Last week we bought some Saguaro, Poblano, and Anaheim peppers from the market. I have yet to figure out how the farmer grows such great peppers – I have never had much luck with them. His are big and meaty, making them great for roasting.

The stove at the house, an all gas Aga, has a nice hot burner plate that makes roasting chilies easy. Because the burner plate is always hot we just have to lift the lid, place the chilies, and turn them occasionally until they are nicely charred all around. After that just put them in a plastic bag to steam so the skins peel off easier.

After we peeled the skin off and removed the seeds we cooked some of these up with a three cheese blend, a few shrimp and a little enchilada sauce. They were a great side to a grilled skirt steak with a little of the same enchilada sauce spooned on top after they came off the grill.  We will be doing these again.


7 thoughts on “Chili Meditation

  1. Oh nice! … that makes me think of an asian dish called tiger skin peppers (so called because of the appearance which is like yours) … you basically flash fry mildly hot peppers at very high heat with just a little oil and then toss in just a little soy, sugar… maybe vinegar, just as they start to get speckled brown and then serve hot.

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