The Doctor Is In!

The Pickle Doctor that is. We were at the Rabbit Run Farm booth at the farmers’ market last weekend. That is who we bought the cucumbers and onions from for the bread and butter and half-sour pickles we made. Because they are so nice we were dropping off a jar of bread and butter pickles. It is a rare person that gets really excited by pickles. Just such a person was working with the farmers over the weekend – the Pickle Doctor.

When she noticed we made pickles, she came over and we started talking. The longest fermented pickle we’ve made is overnight; I know, not much of a fermentation. As were were talking she shared with us the 4-week long brined pickle recipe below. That is a serious fermentation. I think that is even longer than our wine takes to ferment (although we age it much longer). She is hoping to be able to sell these pickles next month as a refrigerator pickle (meaning it must be kept cold, it is not shelf stable) – I can’t wait to try.

Long fermentation of vegetables is something we have only talked about around here, and then it has revolved around homemade sauerkraut. Although we ferment grapes into wine, fermenting vegetables has always made us too nervous to try. The Pickle Doctor also told us she made so much sauerkraut in 2008 that she just finished her supply. That must have been a lot of sauerkraut. Maybe someday we will be bold enough to at least try making a small batch of sauerkraut. Until then wine will be the extent of our long fermentation experiments.


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