Thinning the Jungle

So, it seems the hot summer weather is having its expected affect on the garden. As you likely noticed, I am not a big fan of nice little rows of plants. I tend to plant in very wide and dense rows. After awhile the plants tend to grow over and on top of each other.  Well, things were getting very crowded over the weekend so it was time to do some thinning.

The onions are about ready, so why just leave them in the ground. I hope to plant a second crop where the onions are now in a week or two when most of the onions are out of the ground. Because we had such a bad radish crop I am thinking radishes – fast growing and fans of cool weather – might be what is planted.

The carrots are particularly crowded. It is so hard to look through the tops I could not even find all the big ones to pull up. I got a few. They should continue to grow the rest of the season so no worries.

The beets continue to grow. I pulled out the largest I could find so we can pickle some of them with the onions and carrots. Should be similar to the ones I showed before.


4 thoughts on “Thinning the Jungle

  1. Azbert

    We are hereby putting in our order for a Big Jake, several Avamatoes and, of course, a jar of salsa. Will pick up October 12. By the way, do you make a salsa lemoncello?


    1. Hi Bert. I think we should have a few tomatoes by the time you make your grand reentry to Scottsdale. A “few” Avamatoes won’t even fill your palm. We have not made lemoncello salsa yet, but the idea is intriguing.

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