Salsa is Imminent

I mentioned previously we are growing a giant tomato variety we have named Big Jake, after Jake. Although they do not look that big in these photos, trust me, they are. I think just two of these tomatoes will make a whole bowl of salsa. As long as Jake is not the first one to get to the salsa, that just might be enough for the rest of us. Jake likes making and eating salsa, and he has even talked his little sister – somewhat of a picky eater – into trying the salsa.

We also have a Salsa Garden this year (can you guess we like salsa). This is where our tomatillos are taking over along with a few types of peppers. Anyone have a good idea on staking/supporting tomatillos? I remember reading they are only supposed to grow a few feet high and as wide. So far they are about 4.5 feet tall and as wide. My tomato support method is not working well for these so I have somewhat of a haphazard crisscross thing going on. It might work if they don’t grow too much larger.

So far the tomatillos are doing better than expected. As you can see there are lots of little lanterns with tomatillos filling them up from the inside. I am hoping for lots of salsa verde and maybe even some tomatillo chutney. We also have lots of onions, some peppers, and cilantro for the salsa. What a treat home-made home-grown salsa will be to have again.


2 thoughts on “Salsa is Imminent

  1. Nancy and Jim

    We are looking to our “fair share” of the Salsa. After all the work we have put it it’s only fair.l…..Jim and Nancy

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