Attack of the Vines!

So, Squash, namely gourds and various pumpkins, have been a challenge the last couple of years. Last year the vines started but we didn’t get much fruit then the vines started to shrivel. We did get two sugar pie pumpkins on which magically appeared an “A” and a “J” (for Ava and Jake), but not much else. This year I started a number of plants at home a few weeks before I was going to plant them in the garden. They were doing great so I planted them in the garden. By this time they were 6+ inches long. They were not in the ground more than a couple of days before something ate them. We suspect birds. I tried again. Same result.

Finally, I just planted some seeds in a new area of the garden, not really expecting much so I didn’t keep tract of what I planted where. We covered them with metal chicken wire to protect them. As you can see, it finally worked. Now that the vines are growing, they’re growing up the oak tree, over the fence, up the corn and over everything in their way. We have a number of baby squash growing – not sure which types. I only hope it is not the Atlantic Giant Pumpkins growing up the tree and over the fence. I know we have gourds growing because we had to look-up what flower was coming from one of the vines. It is a very different looking white flower – nothing like the typical orange flower. Somehow we also have corn growing with the squash. I don’t remember planting any corn there.  Hmmm.


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