Beets, Beets, and More Beets

Beets are one of the vegetables we grow ourselves in our mountain garden. I generally grow four or five varieties – deep red ones, yellow ones, candy-cane stripped ones, big ones. You get the idea. They grow great in the cooler temps. It is great to get to the house and check on the garden on a Friday afternoon. It is even better to pick some vegetables for dinner. Beets work great for a garden when you aren’t there all the time because they just get bigger during the week. They are not like a tomato that gets too ripe and spoils if you wait to long. Our tomatoes aren’t really ready yet, well, we have harvested a few, and they are being eagerly anticipated. The tomatoes will be a whole series of entries all by themselves.
Other than just roasting the beets with a little olive oil and sea salt, we like to make pickles out of them. Just refrigerator pickles, so nothing too hard. We just roast them up, slice them and some onions, and combine with vinegar, salt, sugar and water. The batch in the picture has some of our small bulb onions and carrot varieties mixed in. I can’t wait to try them.


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