One of the best aspects of the garden (aside from all the great tasting food) is watching my niece and nephew. Eating much of what they harvest is a bit of a challenge, although salsa is a hit. What is not a challenge is getting them out there to look at it and pick the various things. We are growing many varieties of tomatoes: black tomatoes, cherry tomatoes that are black, red, and orange, a couple of red and sunburst beefsteak varieties, and two very special varieties.

The Avamato is named after my niece Ava. Big Avamatoes are the size of a pea. Most are smaller. Luckily, Ava has little fingers so she is great at picking these tiny tomatoes.

The other special variety, which I’ll put in a post later in the summer, are Big Jakes. Jake didn’t want to be left out of the tomato naming game, so when we were starting  seeds this past winter I asked him what variety he wants named after him. Since his little sister had the smallest variety, he picked the largest. Last year we grew one that was about 1.5 pounds. For us, that is a big tomato. It even made its way to show-and-tell, where it then became salsa. Because these grow so big they take longer to ripen than the Avamatoes. When they start to ripen I will post more about them.


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